Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Carnelian Ring

Nikki very kindly gave me a demonstration of how to take pics, and she took this pic of a carnelian ring that I made a while ago, not bad, hey. Hope that I have learnt something from her, and that my next pics are just as good?

Purple Swarovski Ring

I almost forgot to post this, this is a purple swarovski crystal, and I used a big stone for 2 reasons, one being that it is fashionable at the moment to have large stones in rings, and the second reason being that obviously bigger is easier, haaahhaaaa, wrong, this was much harder than the first one I did on course, which was about a quarter of the size. But eventually I got this right and am glad I persevered, because it has turned out well.
Hope you think so too!!! Now to attempt a large oval? We'll see.

3 Ring Earrings

I loved making these earrings, and I love wearing them!!!!

Decided to try out my cutting skills on this celtic design, and was very pleased with the result.

Pastel Watch

Made this watch for fun, I think I might make a couple for Xmas.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chain Earrings

Love these earrings, they are a bit heavier than I thought they would be, but I was still able to wear them for a day and my ears were fine.

Carnelian Filigree Pendant

Then I tried filigree, this pendant came out fine, although have learnt lots, and would change a couple of things, and it is not very centred, but good for a first attempt.

Chain Bracelet

I made this next, I loved making this chain, using heavier wire and the clasp was also fun to make, you can see I really like the textured hammered look!!!

Sodalite Stamped Earrings

These are sodalite, and since they were a pair, I had to make earrings, also was trying out stamping patterns, think I should antique these, they are very bling? We'll see.

Jasper pendant

The stones in this pendant just begged to go together and this is how I saw them. This pendant took much longer than I expected, suppose I was using new techniques, but I just love this one, not sure I would want to sell it!!!

Lapis Lazuli Pendant

I love lapis lazuli, so made this pendant next, also hammered texture, and the antiqued look.

Hammered Discs

I love dangly earrings so I made these simple disks, which are hammered to give this lovely texture, and I antiqued it, because I love the look, and polished up the raised areas.