Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ivory Necklace

This piece was commissioned by a man for his wife. They normally holiday on a piece of land in Botswana where the animals roam free and he found this piece of ivory from an elephant graveyard, he has other pieces, but this was the piece he wanted in the necklace, and the few ostrich eggshell beads near the pendant were also found on the site as well as the blue glass beads which is what the Portuguese used to trade with the locals a couple of hundred years ago. He wanted me to incorporate this into a necklace for his wife's birthday with silver, because she loves silver. I have done some jewellery for her before. Anyway, this is the result, they are thrilled with it!!!! Thank goodness, it is always nerve racking designing for other people. The silver on the pendant is matt and the loop is textured and LOS'd and the two silver beads are also textured and LOS'd.